Quick Cover Test (QCT)

QCT is a free, simple and very fast 64-bit program to check the coverage lotto systems (wheeling systems).

It is completely free and available to everyone for checking very large lottery systems that until now are not able to be verified by similar programs. Supports system check up to 90 numbers. 

Conventional notation for lottery systems are (V, K, T, M) =B,where:

V – indicates how many of numbers are in the system (Numbers)
K how many numbers in one combination(Pick)
T what system guarantees(Guarantee)
Mhow many numbers you must to hit in order to realize the guarantee(Conditions)
Bnumber of rows in the system (Combinations)

The procedure
for checking the coverage of the system is very simple:

  1. You need to load the system(click on Open), the system must be in one of the supported formats
  2. Start checking system(click on Check)
  3. Very soon you will get the checking result

In the picture below shows the steps when checking system C(50,7,4,6)=1996 combinations

QCT Checking steps

QCT has completed checking this system in about 7 seconds.

The duration of the test system is strongly dependent on several parameters, which are mainly linked to the type of system.

Testing speed depends on

  • The number of combinations in the system, and
  • The size of the coverage of the system (this term will be explained later)
  • The speed of your computer

The figure below illustrates the time dependence of system checks the number of combinations of size and coverage for the system C (90,6,4,6) = 51 407 combinations

Checking result for C(90,6,4,6)

For example:

QCT will be much faster to complete verification coverage system C (90,6,4,5) than C (90,6,4,6).

QCT checking C (90,6,4,5) = 95 786 combinations completed in about 11 seconds

while checking C (90,6,4,6) = 51 407 combinations can last up to 5 minutes

A key reason is the size of the coverage This would need to perform checks for each combination system. To illustrate Size coverage for C (90,6,4,6) is 52795 and the size of the coverage of C (90,6,4,5) is 1266

QCT for C (90,6,4,6) do 51 407 X 52 795 = 271 4032 565, means over 271 million operations,

for C (90,6,4,5) do X 95 786 1 266 1 265 076 = 12, ie about 12 million operations.

QCT is a program that is able to do the verification of coverage and thus extreme cases systems.


QCT can be loaded and test a large number of well-known formats, lottery system.

  • Lotto system file is primarily QCT
  • Belic’s file system format records lottery system that uses Rade Belic
  • Boltin’s file system format that uses Ininuga – a public program to optimize the lottery system author Uros Boltina
  • Binary, Packed, Index distance and index dinstance Zipped file system formats that are internal QCT used for better packaging lottery system to the backup takes the smallest space or to during the exchange of e-mail sent hundreds of smaller files.

Lotto system files is of the form

7    <—————– K length combinations (Pick)
35   <—————– V In how many numbers are in the system (Numbers)
3652 <—————– B number combination (Nr. Combinations)
5    <—————– T guarantee (Guarantee)
7    <—————– M guarantee condition (Conditions)
02030408121516 <—————– begin of the lottery system body

Belic’s system files have next form
20,3,2,2 <—- V,K,T,M
67       <—- B

Boltin’s system files have the next form
Numbers: 90          <———— V how many numbers are in the system (Numbers)
Pick: 5              <———— K length combinations (Pick)
Guarantee: 4         <———— T guarantee (Guarantee)
Condition: 5         <———— M guarantee condition (Conditions)
Combinations: 210543 <———— B number combination (Combinations)
Skip first number (index): NO

2 5 6 7  8
1 4 5 6  9
3 5 6 7  9
1 4 7 8  9
4 5 7 8  9
1 3 5 6 10
1 2 7 8 10

The figure below illustrates the differences in the size of the file saved in from many different formats supported by QCT, size of the data in bytes.
An example of the image refers to a system C (90,5,4,5) = 210 543 combinations
Lottery files types difference between sizes


QCT can be used to convert lottery systems from one to another format, pictures below ilustates the procedure

loading file for convert to another format

and QCT has loaded the file, now we can save system in another format

Convert lottery system


QCT as free software contains advertisements of sponsors, but is completely safe to use.


QCT need 64-bit Windows (XP, WIN 7 or WIN 8)


Click on the next link to download QCTand follow install instructions
Go to the install folder (default is C:\QCT) and run QCT.exe by double-click application

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