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What is wheeling system?

Wheeling system is predefined design pattern for playing LOTTO and enhancing Your chances for win.Commonly accepted notation in defining wheeling system is V,K,T,M = B where:

  • V – count of numbers You play on (how many different numbers are in system)
  • K – total count of ballots drawn
  • T – guarantee (how many hits system guarantees…)
  • M – guarantee condition (… if M of K ballots drawn are in V numbers You play on)
  • B – number of combinations in system (system length; the shorter the system the less You pay in)

Wheeling system contains numbers from 1 to V. These numbers are indices (ordinal numbers) of actual numbers You are playing on.


You play on numbers 5, 8, 13, 14, …

Everywhere in a system You have to replace 1 with 5,  2 with 8, 3 with 13, and so on…

It’s not complicated job but it easily becomes tedious, especially if You play bigger systems.

What is Quick Pick & Check?

Quick Pick & Check is program that helps You to replace numbers quickly and easily, save system on Your hard drive, and check system after drawing.Quick Pick & Check is free for personal use only. Program is NOT intended to print tickets, partially due to various different ticket formats in use. Eventual program enhancements, enabling ticket designing and printing, will not be distributed as free version.

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